HOW DOES SELF REVIEW PRO WORK?Buy now for just £199 per year

• Assumes your branding, look and feel and hosts your content.
• Self-review empowers individuals to review, assess and rate their current position based on your criteria
• Once completed, it reflects back the bigger picture, highlighting strengths and where to improve
• Suggests prioritised improvements actions to make their improvement easier
• Tracks progress as actions are completed
• Rewards individual progress by enabling certificates or badges when certain thresholds or criteria are met
• Presents you with real-time aggregated data about your audience, their position, progress and achievements. Data     that can be used to inform policy and practice; intelligent targeting of resource and support and performance metrics.


•  Rewarding - recognises and celebrates individual progress
•  User friendly - is simple, elegant and obvious
•  White labeled - easily adopts your branding and content
•  Tracks - provides a summary record of your improvement journey
•  Resources - targets the right support at the right stage
•  Involvement - any number of users can register to contribute to the review
•  Accessible - online, in one place and used wherever there is connectivity
•  Versatile - versions for a range of devices including tablets and mobile phones
•  Reports - wide range of reports in Word, PDF or Excel to share with other partners
•  Celebrates - inbuilt accreditation and award functionality
•  Aggregates data - access a global view of where your audience is, right down to individual progress for each user
•  Compare - provides clear feedback on current progress and compares with other users
•  Impact - custom impact survey function that allows groups of users the opportunity to feedback on how effective the process is. Are you making a difference?



If Self Review Pro could help you and your audience, why not get in touch? SWGfL are currently creating various deployments of Self Review Pro around the world and are keen to hear about new opportunities.

Here are some things to think about if you are considering Self Review Pro:
  • Who is your audience?
  • What are your objectives for them?
  • Have you content that describes their position?
  • Do you need any help with defining these?
  • How would you use the aggregated data produced by Self Review Pro?