Looking at 360 degree safe (www.360safe.org.uk) in more detail, it provides an example deployment that demonstrates its power at individual, local, regional, national and international levels.

Impact of 360 degree safe

SWGfL publishes an annual report based on 360 degree safe data that has become the authorative report assessing where schools are with online safety policy and practice.  The 2013 report amongst current trends, reflects on the impact of 360 over the last 3 years and concludes, “Analysis of the data clearly demonstrates that early adopters (registrations in 2010) record consistent improvements with their online safety policy and practice across all aspects; describing a self-improvement journey that is mapped and supported by 360 degree safe”.

See the Nominet video about 360 degree safe.

See the impact of 360 degree safe in an infographic 

Online Compass is an online self review tool that helps small organisations use technology more safely. It captures ratings and provides a dynamic reporting dashboard within a slick animated interface to guide users through a process of improvement. Online Compass also has a mobile interface for capturing ratings and providing advice on portable devices.

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Generation Safe 360™ was produced for iKeepSafe in the United States using the 360 degree safe engine. It provides a user friendly and interactive means for schools to review their digital citizenship practices and to develop an action plan to bring about improvements. It has met with extremely positive feedback since launch.

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